Shakespeare, Room 402

Become part of the blissful Romeo and Juliet balcony scene where the room becomes the castle and you are separated from the rest of the world. This romantic setting is complete with the perfect view of the park below and direct porch access.

English poet, dramatist, and actor, considered by many to be the greatest dramatist of all time. Some of Shakespeare’s plays, such as HAMLET and ROMEO AND JULIET, are among the most famous literary works of the world. Shakespeare was the most popular dramatist of his age. However, his early works did not match the artistic quality of Marlowe’s dramas. If he had died on the same year than Marlowe, in 1593, today he perhaps would be considered a minor poet. Shakespeare became the first to appeal and to meet with the full approval of a broad and mixed public embracing almost all levels of society. He possessed a large vocabulary for his day, having used 29,066 different words in his plays. Today the average English-speaking person uses something like 2,000 words in everyday speech.


  • King bed
  • Neo angle shower

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