Charles Dickens, Room 206

Simply spacious and dignified, the Charles Dickens apartment is in a class of its own. This apartment can accommodate the most guests for a comfortable stay – perfect for a small family.

Charles Dickens was born in Landport, Hampshire, during the new industrial age, which created misery for the class of low-paid workers and gave birth to theories of Karl Marx. Dickens’s career as a writer of fiction started in 1833 when his short stories and essays began to appear in periodicals. His SKETCHES BY BOZ and THE PICKWICK PAPERS were published in 1836; that same year, he married the daughter of his friend George Hogarth, Catherine Hogarth.


  • One bedroom with a King bed
  • Neo-angle shower
  • Love seat-twin sofa bed in the living room
  • Complete galley kitchen with all appliances