E.B. White, Room 310

Charlotte and Wilbur have nestled in this corner room that is surrounded by rose trellises. You must look for them carefully as they are hiding in the barn!

“Writing for children is usually regarded as a separate form of madness. I came to it by accident and stayed with it when it proved to be much like other kinds of writing–hard work, followed by pleasing rewards. The character Stuart Little appeared to me in a dream one night when I was traveling by rail. A writer is always grateful for small favors and I recall that I jotted down fragments of the tale next morning. I had no intention of writing a book for children, however, and the thing merely grew, by slow stages, over a period of about twelve years. Storytelling does not come easily or naturally to me; I am more of a commentator than a spinner of yarns.

As for Charlotte’s Web, it came about as a result of my close association with animals in a barn. This barn, with its creatures and its swallows, has always been a place where I have felt at peace, and I deliberately tried to bring it to life in a story for youngsters. Many of the characters are taken right from life, including the pig and the spider. The tragedy of animal death by murder, which always haunts a farm, haunted me and I guess I was trying to write my way out of the dilemma in the story of Charlotte, and with her able assistance……..” E. B. White


  • King bed
  • Neo angle shower
  • Direct porch access from room