Come and relax in our beautiful Junior Suites at The Spencer Hotel & Spa.  Whether you are couple planning a romantic getaway or a relaxing retreat, our Junior Suites are a perfect choice. Our Junior Suites include a king-size bed and kitchen area. Junior suites are an open area floor plan that was designed from what was originally a room and a half.

Brontes, Room 405

Follow the river into the woods where the Brontes had played as children. This suite is full of surprises! The bleak, lonely moors of Yorkshire in England were the setting

Robert Burns, Room 401

Robert Burns would find his room most accommodating. This corner suite has the largest bathroom in The Spencer. The subdued colors of the Burn’s suite make for a pleasant stay.

Lewis Carroll, Room 305

The adventures of Alice in Wonderland begin as you are greeted by the Cheshire cat upon arrival in the Lewis Carroll suite. The story unfolds as you greet the queen

Lillian Hellman, Room 301

Look upon the skylight mural and imagine you are far away in another world while you are in the Lillian Hellman corner suite. American playwright and memoirist, who had a